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All I Think Is Pink

from All I Think Is Pink by Rosetta Stoned

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[Stoney Ashes]

All I think is pink
Warm and fuzzy
This is my soul by the pound
I cant display or convey the way that I view life and write it down
Aim and spray a strange display
spend a day
pray to witness sights and sounds
Ride around the town
A brief representation of the negative space between the sky and ground
Sedative laced. Aced based, brain friend and drowned
I fondle the fantastic, grope the breast of misfortune, misbehavior
A misfit twisted flavor assortments
A portion of fisting wishing on holy solar centers
Celestial bodies, hearts frozen from coldest polar winters
Exposed open tender, use blood as a lubricant
Lust for bodily fluids learn the rubric, students, be studious
Inhale life as soon as the boom is lit
The flesh, the flesh is week as fuck and fuck I love fuckin
Deep in the cut, corrupt, up to no good
Blood rushing, touching skin, flushed, blushing
I act inappropriate in my discussions with soviets and Russians
Loving women
Ethiopian to Indian, Persian, Croatian to Haitian, Jamaican, Japanese
Get em hot like ovens cooking, baking
Serve em
I’m on some fantasy island wylin, take that dick ill you max out at capacity
Black out happily
Tap out, come back to me
Start twitching like conniption fits hit him
On a mission to classically condition vixens to deep dish dicken
Switching positions, give em prescription addictions
Vicky secrets in the peach pit,
I got to get in
asphyxiation and licking
Kitty cats like lollipops and gripping
Hips, have em panting screaming laughing, losing their vision
Pop that garter strap while it’s dripping
I have a new manifesto, Teach Black chicks to take the dick like they used to
Excuse you
I ain’t stutter I utter gutter blatant statements no other brothers would speak publically
I could care less about the color of my lover touching me
I love my French vanilla, butter pecan Rican, chocolate deluxe
Ice cream dreams of queens that want they toes and titties sucked…
Ice cream
Lovely ladies drive me crazy like ms daisy
I’m horny
Touch me
Tease me
Hug me
Love me
Fuck me
18 to 40
You ain’t an object. You’re the most beautiful person in the world girl
And all you expect of Chris is a necklace of pearls

[Mental Stamina]

she's my Mona Lisa
when we're alone i'm weaker
than Samson
chocolate skin tone, African facial features
beautiful random
whispering unmentionable benefits
directly to her clitoris
my hunger tempted me to bite her peach
so close that my tulips actually
touched her tulips. frame a pic
a Georgia O'Keefe
the world should see
reserved for me
she said take heed her venus fly trap bite backs
i suggested penis and a night cap
and she seemed to want to try that
if intercourse is a sport
MVP is the award i try to capture
used to try to get a kiss but now it be them drawls i'm after
eating pussy is American as apple pie, baseball, or ten spliffs chiefed
when you're an all star like Ken Griffey
first base is only temporary
slide into home plate face first
phat booty with a bounce you could dance ta
very brave trying to get some some scalp from a squaw in Atlanta
pow wow in a wig wam
no question if it's long
on her knees five times a day like she's practing Islam
impressive batting average, king of swing
the most beautiful creature ever conceived of seems to scream
when properly supplied with ding a ling
she goes to sleep it haunts her dreams
speed dial, booty calls prompts a ring
my black book is a who's who's
of loose boots
casual sex kinda neutral
after school she would cruise thru
lunch breaks are cool too
my most studious pupil and cute too
role play engaged as principal
counselor, perverted gym teacher
pom poms and a pink thong
miniskirt cheerleader
playboy bunny for easter
when i want to, i always seem to reach her
so i hit home runs like Hank Aaron
then watch em fight over balls in the bleachers
profanity uttered
bases loaded, grand slam
inappropriate words stuttered
in the damned stands
invitation to play in her sandlot
a little filthy's pretty
sabbath confessions make preachers blush
white, pink, fuzzy fur, quality mink, moist fluff
sweaty aroma, she's agitates my hormones
phone bone long distance for my toned princess
she's sending me signals
multiple orgasms
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
something phallic forced into various chasms
cave diving
bungee jump in
daredevil spelunking
she sends me signals
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
communication during penetration resembles morse code
i hit her dash dash dot spot
frolic on the brink of right or wrong
her pheromones smell like teen spirt
blown like a jazz instrument
saxophone but deeper in tone
she wants it deep
or atleast that's what her throat moans
no question what motivates me to reach
the heights that persuade the banshee to shriek
adrenaline rushing
high notes peak
eyes roll like zombies
blind folds, bondage
insert toys, ice cold
winters warmed by body heat
i'm a freak
force feed her face while she's suspended from the ceiling by her ankles like an apostrophe
kama sutra, 69, congress of the crow
murder she wrote
i put my back into it
seal a promise with my stroke
beaver eat it
kiss from a rose
suddenly bumping uglies
with a mouthful of cleavage
need it
felatio, repeat it
nocturnal noises emitted when i hit it
exhibitionist, don't mind witnesses
lost my mind the first time she came in three different languages
the look of love translated
menage a trois from a french kiss
i've crossed international borders for missionary positions
cross my heart
hope to die fucking
chillin like Hugh Heffner with a few heffers
that taste like honey dew and nectar
a few inhibitions before i met her
bdsm, no gag reflex, remove her sweater
moby dick in davy jone's locker
buried treasure
heaven is a humble chick restrained with leather
so expect an attitude like bad weather whenever you test her


from All I Think Is Pink, track released December 4, 2009
Produced by Stoney Ashes


all rights reserved



Rosetta Stoned Washington, D.C.

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