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All I Think Is Pink (Dirty White Girl Remix)

from All I Think Is Pink by Rosetta Stoned

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[Stoney Ashes]

Justify my love with a lot of give and take
Give a lot of dick and wonder how much can she take for lords sake
She won't wait
If the walls could talk they'd say I off base so debase
So that's why we relate
I'm an exhibitionist she's the lady of the lake
We fornicate in public just to interface
Make an escape to the bathroom during the middle of the dinner date
Bra straps poppin a little foreplay then I penetrate
Use blood as a lubricant raw dog while she menstruates
I'm disgusting but I don't segregate or discriminate
I don't separate based on race I love black women but down to integrate
Swim in lakes
Her body is sweet as pie wanna watch me eat the cake
Look at her silhouette perfectly placed on my face
I love the way she tastes
And the way that gyrated
Shakes and makes sounds that I recorded on tape
And she don't just take she is a giver and generous
She bites harder than venomous snakes
And her boundaries are limitless
Spanking choking smacking
Candle wax drippin
People watchin
Ropes and cables
Bodily fluids splahin
and I'm floatin with my angel
Multiple multiple orgasms
Bask spasm after back spasm and I need a pack of more magnums
Hardcore action and reactions that lead to our personal enjoyment and
Interracial facials simultaneously climaxin
I do it for you fathom and
Imagine the passion
All I think is pink
My fatal attraction

[Mental Stamina]

primitive nature
i'm hungry, eat her, ate her
bend her, break her
feels like i need to take her
sweet love by Anita Baker
feed my face or
while she menstruates
naturally lubricate
promise i'll stimulate
ladies cum first
men should finish late
no desert until you lick the dinner plate
not the type i tend to date
made her moan and shake
licked from toes to face
lights out
emulate the heavyweights
first round knock outs when i fornicate
record the porn on tape
playback the tones and tastes
leave in a coma state
fuck like bones don't break
when we're alone it's great
but a three way is only a phone call away
double the 4-play like figure 8's
she picked up moves from Kobe
69 like triple Jordan's jersey
rode the bench
never held her palms wrong
grip the balls
head fake
thong song
proof you can have your cake and eat it too
she wore a birthday suit
covered in tattoos
beauty mark or bruise
doesn't matter
she's nude and cute
amazing how they tempt men into engagement
wrapped around finger like simpletons
no restrictions or inhibitions since she
lost her innocence
she whispered "you don't need permission
pleasure depends on your intentions"
entered the lion's den
bit her lips with a sinful grin
now, i'm hardly cocky
not the man of your dreams, but a carbon copy
long stroke
thick and stocky
lucky for me she's not a cock tease
pressed my buttons like a hotkey
rode dick like jockeys on Harleys
just a hop and skip since we met at a party
while sipping Barcadi
dancing to rebel music
smokin Bob Marley
a little tipsy so she looked like a Barbie to me
we learned to lie before we learned to trust
she said "i don't wanna rush
count to 10 if you're gonna bust"
the sex was thunderous
push the limits of love and lust
ropes twist like double dutch
there's no telling where my tongue'll touch


from All I Think Is Pink, track released December 4, 2009
Produced by Stoney Ashes


all rights reserved



Rosetta Stoned Washington, D.C.

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