Suicide Unassisted

by Rosetta Stoned

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Volume One:
12/4/09 - "All I Think Is Pink"
12/18/09 - "Tim Burton"
1/1/10 - "Gorilla Superman"
1/15/10 - "Suicide Unassisted"
1/29/10 - "Singularities"

Volume Two:
2/12/10 - "TBA"

Volume Three:
XX/XX/10 - "TBA"


released January 15, 2010

Rosetta Stoned = Stoney Ashes & Mental Stamina



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Track Name: Suicide Unassisted ft. Jennifer Johns

He grabs a drink off the shelf and the good book and settles down for business
Takes a jaded look at my wrists and thinks to self
What if I slit it
See that little line of life, I could hit it with a razor blade and end it
I wonder if the viscous vital fluid would flood the earth and drown the village
In the ruby red liquid spillage
On a planet that is so frigid I can’t take it, a man interrupted, peeping the main brachial artery and having a desire to cut it in public
Tired of living in a masochistic district of corruption and sickness
If I did it you would have to look at the fountain of youth, flow forth from me like a spigot

This is
The result of pushed limits
Too late for psychiatric clinic visits
Now we can all wade in the quarts and and bathe in it
I hear that the blood bath is good for the image
Or if you want to save a life, dial those three digits with a quickness snitches
Call the paramedics, you only have a couple of minutes
If you call the ambulance and get me in it maybe a death could be prevented
Life is either too short or too long depending on how you look at it
Will I fit as a stiff in a crypt and give up my duty to the civic
It’s my life
It’s my choice to live it
Or give it back to the creator in whose exquisite image we mimic
One extended peace to rest in, number one on my wishlist
Excuse the unintended bleak expression of a suicide unassisted
directly from the limbic

Grab a drink off the shelf and the good book then settle down to serious business
Takes a jaded good look at his wrist, then get distracted by the phone
glad i have the companionship and friendship.


i grabbed a drink off the shelf and the good book
settled down for business
isolated loneliness
i'm alone at home, no witnesses on purpose
my existence is worthless
punctuate every exclamation with profanity
fuck it they're curses
maybe all i need is a little more sleep
luckily, bedtime stories never bored me
wonder if i can survive falling from a height of seven stories
apartment window open wide
so i stuck my head outside
and saw a bird fly by absorbing heaven's glory
working a day job i hate was never for me
so i became a writer to pen a better story
so....before i jump i'll finish a few more lines so you can remember me when i'm gone by more than an urn full of ashes
burnt to a cinder by furnance embers
sulfuric gases shipped to Dante's Inferno signed return to sender
catch me skipping rocks across the river Styx and stones never broke my bones
but words have injured, tortured, kill
and probably will be the only source from which my existence can be
proven, debated, or remembered
i grabbed a drink off the shelf and the good book
so I settled down for business
i heard my phone vibrate, i guess i should get it
funny how something as small as a text message can lift your spirits
and so i called her back, closed the window, and slowly started hitting digits