All I Think Is Pink

by Rosetta Stoned

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Volume One:
12/4/09 - "All I Think Is Pink"
12/18/09 - "Tim Burton"
1/1/10 - "Gorilla Superman"
1/15/10 - "Suicide Unassisted"
1/29/10 - "Singularities"

Volume Two:
2/12/10 - "TBA"

Volume Three:
XX/XX/10 - "TBA"


released December 4, 2009

Rosetta Stoned = (Stoney Ashes + Mental Stamina)



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Track Name: All I Think Is Pink
[Stoney Ashes]

All I think is pink
Warm and fuzzy
This is my soul by the pound
I cant display or convey the way that I view life and write it down
Aim and spray a strange display
spend a day
pray to witness sights and sounds
Ride around the town
A brief representation of the negative space between the sky and ground
Sedative laced. Aced based, brain friend and drowned
I fondle the fantastic, grope the breast of misfortune, misbehavior
A misfit twisted flavor assortments
A portion of fisting wishing on holy solar centers
Celestial bodies, hearts frozen from coldest polar winters
Exposed open tender, use blood as a lubricant
Lust for bodily fluids learn the rubric, students, be studious
Inhale life as soon as the boom is lit
The flesh, the flesh is week as fuck and fuck I love fuckin
Deep in the cut, corrupt, up to no good
Blood rushing, touching skin, flushed, blushing
I act inappropriate in my discussions with soviets and Russians
Loving women
Ethiopian to Indian, Persian, Croatian to Haitian, Jamaican, Japanese
Get em hot like ovens cooking, baking
Serve em
I’m on some fantasy island wylin, take that dick ill you max out at capacity
Black out happily
Tap out, come back to me
Start twitching like conniption fits hit him
On a mission to classically condition vixens to deep dish dicken
Switching positions, give em prescription addictions
Vicky secrets in the peach pit,
I got to get in
asphyxiation and licking
Kitty cats like lollipops and gripping
Hips, have em panting screaming laughing, losing their vision
Pop that garter strap while it’s dripping
I have a new manifesto, Teach Black chicks to take the dick like they used to
Excuse you
I ain’t stutter I utter gutter blatant statements no other brothers would speak publically
I could care less about the color of my lover touching me
I love my French vanilla, butter pecan Rican, chocolate deluxe
Ice cream dreams of queens that want they toes and titties sucked…
Ice cream
Lovely ladies drive me crazy like ms daisy
I’m horny
Touch me
Tease me
Hug me
Love me
Fuck me
18 to 40
You ain’t an object. You’re the most beautiful person in the world girl
And all you expect of Chris is a necklace of pearls

[Mental Stamina]

she's my Mona Lisa
when we're alone i'm weaker
than Samson
chocolate skin tone, African facial features
beautiful random
whispering unmentionable benefits
directly to her clitoris
my hunger tempted me to bite her peach
so close that my tulips actually
touched her tulips. frame a pic
a Georgia O'Keefe
the world should see
reserved for me
she said take heed her venus fly trap bite backs
i suggested penis and a night cap
and she seemed to want to try that
if intercourse is a sport
MVP is the award i try to capture
used to try to get a kiss but now it be them drawls i'm after
eating pussy is American as apple pie, baseball, or ten spliffs chiefed
when you're an all star like Ken Griffey
first base is only temporary
slide into home plate face first
phat booty with a bounce you could dance ta
very brave trying to get some some scalp from a squaw in Atlanta
pow wow in a wig wam
no question if it's long
on her knees five times a day like she's practing Islam
impressive batting average, king of swing
the most beautiful creature ever conceived of seems to scream
when properly supplied with ding a ling
she goes to sleep it haunts her dreams
speed dial, booty calls prompts a ring
my black book is a who's who's
of loose boots
casual sex kinda neutral
after school she would cruise thru
lunch breaks are cool too
my most studious pupil and cute too
role play engaged as principal
counselor, perverted gym teacher
pom poms and a pink thong
miniskirt cheerleader
playboy bunny for easter
when i want to, i always seem to reach her
so i hit home runs like Hank Aaron
then watch em fight over balls in the bleachers
profanity uttered
bases loaded, grand slam
inappropriate words stuttered
in the damned stands
invitation to play in her sandlot
a little filthy's pretty
sabbath confessions make preachers blush
white, pink, fuzzy fur, quality mink, moist fluff
sweaty aroma, she's agitates my hormones
phone bone long distance for my toned princess
she's sending me signals
multiple orgasms
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
something phallic forced into various chasms
cave diving
bungee jump in
daredevil spelunking
she sends me signals
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
multiple orgasms
more spasms
communication during penetration resembles morse code
i hit her dash dash dot spot
frolic on the brink of right or wrong
her pheromones smell like teen spirt
blown like a jazz instrument
saxophone but deeper in tone
she wants it deep
or atleast that's what her throat moans
no question what motivates me to reach
the heights that persuade the banshee to shriek
adrenaline rushing
high notes peak
eyes roll like zombies
blind folds, bondage
insert toys, ice cold
winters warmed by body heat
i'm a freak
force feed her face while she's suspended from the ceiling by her ankles like an apostrophe
kama sutra, 69, congress of the crow
murder she wrote
i put my back into it
seal a promise with my stroke
beaver eat it
kiss from a rose
suddenly bumping uglies
with a mouthful of cleavage
need it
felatio, repeat it
nocturnal noises emitted when i hit it
exhibitionist, don't mind witnesses
lost my mind the first time she came in three different languages
the look of love translated
menage a trois from a french kiss
i've crossed international borders for missionary positions
cross my heart
hope to die fucking
chillin like Hugh Heffner with a few heffers
that taste like honey dew and nectar
a few inhibitions before i met her
bdsm, no gag reflex, remove her sweater
moby dick in davy jone's locker
buried treasure
heaven is a humble chick restrained with leather
so expect an attitude like bad weather whenever you test her
Track Name: All I Think Is Pink (Nightmare Mix)
[Mental Stamina]

we learned to lie before we learned to trust
she said "i don't wanna rush
count to 10
and hold back if your gonna bust"
the sex was thunderous
we push the limits of love and lust
leaned on me like crutchess
now she's my support system
always trusted
lucious dutchess
but it's
not a game
i promised her ruckus
blind folded justice
hand cuffed wrists
comfortably numb
All I Think Is Pink Floyd as i laid in her clutches
God made her pussy purrrfect
scratch and bite like Eartha Kitt
Hulkamaniac with a veiny sack
i promise shirts will rip
Earth spins
Venus orbits
milky ways squirt from tits
ship in a bottle
spittin or swallow
her sex is Nirvana
workout plan by Jane Fonda
pulled up to her bumper in a Honda
from Cleopatra to Patra they all
know that predator's capture
cat's have paws with claws
and they'll make you think you can crawl up walls
goddess of beauty and sexual rapture
itty bitty pretty kitty from a gritty city called DC
Aphrodite tried to bite me
in my dreams
you're likely
to see two pirahna 69 like a pisces
i scream
you scream
we all scream for ice cream

[Stoney Ashes]

I write this for dirty blond that memorizes my song and parties till
Still going strong
and Can't keep her panties on
She's so dirty and dainty and
yeah, I like it raw
Unshaven misbehaving gothic princess of
she loves to bite and she will claw
When we fuck we help race relations
Shorty got my heart rate racing
feeling Elation
From debase statements
She tellin me pull her hair like a caveman
The illist on space and land
Sippin on cheap whisky or number seven from tennessee
take off them skinny jeansl
And let me leave you with the most raunchy of memories
We have the best chemistry
Look at that beautiful flower and i put my face in it
My courtney love drug
And we laugh place my lips of her waist and hips then kiss her face a bit
Savor it
Ropes and cables plus an open relationship
Based on this
I like getting bit
And she's quick to bite and scratch
Slap me and I will slap you back
That's a pfact
Get the candles and hot wax
Light the match
climax to the max
she wears the same clothes ripped panties sippen
40z of old English
She's into
Open door orgies felacio and cunnilingus
we lay Hip to hip
Lip to lip
I love when me you and your girl tripple kiss
The ice cube all ofer your nipples ears and clitoris
Think about it and picture it
No really let Ty get the camera and picture it
Track Name: All I Think Is Pink (Dirty White Girl Remix)
[Stoney Ashes]

Justify my love with a lot of give and take
Give a lot of dick and wonder how much can she take for lords sake
She won't wait
If the walls could talk they'd say I off base so debase
So that's why we relate
I'm an exhibitionist she's the lady of the lake
We fornicate in public just to interface
Make an escape to the bathroom during the middle of the dinner date
Bra straps poppin a little foreplay then I penetrate
Use blood as a lubricant raw dog while she menstruates
I'm disgusting but I don't segregate or discriminate
I don't separate based on race I love black women but down to integrate
Swim in lakes
Her body is sweet as pie wanna watch me eat the cake
Look at her silhouette perfectly placed on my face
I love the way she tastes
And the way that gyrated
Shakes and makes sounds that I recorded on tape
And she don't just take she is a giver and generous
She bites harder than venomous snakes
And her boundaries are limitless
Spanking choking smacking
Candle wax drippin
People watchin
Ropes and cables
Bodily fluids splahin
and I'm floatin with my angel
Multiple multiple orgasms
Bask spasm after back spasm and I need a pack of more magnums
Hardcore action and reactions that lead to our personal enjoyment and
Interracial facials simultaneously climaxin
I do it for you fathom and
Imagine the passion
All I think is pink
My fatal attraction

[Mental Stamina]

primitive nature
i'm hungry, eat her, ate her
bend her, break her
feels like i need to take her
sweet love by Anita Baker
feed my face or
while she menstruates
naturally lubricate
promise i'll stimulate
ladies cum first
men should finish late
no desert until you lick the dinner plate
not the type i tend to date
made her moan and shake
licked from toes to face
lights out
emulate the heavyweights
first round knock outs when i fornicate
record the porn on tape
playback the tones and tastes
leave in a coma state
fuck like bones don't break
when we're alone it's great
but a three way is only a phone call away
double the 4-play like figure 8's
she picked up moves from Kobe
69 like triple Jordan's jersey
rode the bench
never held her palms wrong
grip the balls
head fake
thong song
proof you can have your cake and eat it too
she wore a birthday suit
covered in tattoos
beauty mark or bruise
doesn't matter
she's nude and cute
amazing how they tempt men into engagement
wrapped around finger like simpletons
no restrictions or inhibitions since she
lost her innocence
she whispered "you don't need permission
pleasure depends on your intentions"
entered the lion's den
bit her lips with a sinful grin
now, i'm hardly cocky
not the man of your dreams, but a carbon copy
long stroke
thick and stocky
lucky for me she's not a cock tease
pressed my buttons like a hotkey
rode dick like jockeys on Harleys
just a hop and skip since we met at a party
while sipping Barcadi
dancing to rebel music
smokin Bob Marley
a little tipsy so she looked like a Barbie to me
we learned to lie before we learned to trust
she said "i don't wanna rush
count to 10 if you're gonna bust"
the sex was thunderous
push the limits of love and lust
ropes twist like double dutch
there's no telling where my tongue'll touch
Track Name: All I Think Is Pink (Justify My Love)
[Stoney Ashes]

Take a brief peek I'm a freak for sure
You're my apple bottom dirty rotten to the core
Feed you grapes on the cold marble floors
Your friend cAtches flashes while she watches from the door
Ruby red lipstick with strawberry aftertaste
Raspberry passion fruit turns me to a basket case
It's like our session's wild masquerades where we laugh and play
Scratches on my back that last for days
my crib is warm and fuzzy like a kiwi
Lay up IN my snuggie sleepy in my tipi
My sweetest peach
yeah a freaky sweet pea
Tangerine you always scream eat me
The woman of my dreams got my dozen off sleepy
A fetishist so kinky
bodies interlocking like letters of graffiti
I am into herb completely in her so deeply
its like the deep sea
It boggles the mind like Houdini
And I love genie unbottled modeling, laying in her undies
My playboy bunny
who's warm and fuzzy
all i think is pink, justify my love and fuck me

[Mental Stamina]

i fucked a virgin
had her squirtin
touching nerves and water workin
she screamed my name like it was hurtin
Tyler Durden
hymen burstin
crying cursing
live in the moment
no rehearsing
a conquering prince
became her first king
sweet tooth bit the tip of my nozzle
Hershey syrup sucked straight from the bottle
a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down
but ice cream makes her wanna stay there
vanilla sundae
sprinkled with nuts like bukake facials
connoisseurs savor the taste
31 flavors
but Oreo and Rocky Road remain her favorites
edible panties
sweets from ET
eat me, eat me
Reeses Piece's
there's something about Mary's peanut buttered blonde hair species
who knew Peter Pan's magic wand could shrink fairies?
showers golden
stink hairy
yogurt frozen
pink berry
she's on top of the world for a moment
king of the mountain
her youth is a fountain
cherry poppin
while exercising every option
even nasty shit like brown eyes
cream pies w/ chocolate chips
flexible as a gymnast
we bent a bit at the hips
my lips licked where her banana split
back to her crack
then swirled around to her clitoris
while she melted like candles drip
i buried my face in the middle of it so i could get a whif for a bit
as Trinity entered the matrix
the men in black submit to a dominatrix who crack whips
tonight she'll captain your ship
i wasn't sure
cuz she said stop while wanting more
apple of my eye
now i'm touching core
justify my love
and leave her fucking sore
Track Name: All I Think Is Pink (Lost Mix)
[Mental Stamina]

all i think is pink...warm & fuzzy
all i think is pink...warm & fuzzy
all i think is pink...warm & fuzzy
all i think is pink...warm & fuzzy
i scream
you scream
eventually we all scream for ice cream
milk chocolate
cookies n cream
Nesquik mix & Ovaltine
gorgeous queen of my dreams
so serene
no longer a teen
doesn't mean she doesn't still have the best tits i've ever seen
they look like delicious necterines
thick thighs
kept my love between her Billie Jeans
if she's not my lover
then end the scene
quick neck kiss
twist nipples like Tetris
high score
game over, clear the screen
lips slip down to her pelvis
dip into every crevice
butt kiss my ass
part the crack
arch your back
from moment of impact to climax
she tends to act
like she's on Cinemax
because she knows i'm into that
hip control
move it slow
sex face like a gargoyle
slippery when wet like Olive Oil
yes, Popeye got his spinach back!
loving you isn't easy, but you're beautiful
i just thought that you should know
took the time to tend the garden
happy i grew a rose

[Stoney Ashes]

I love black women
To that statement I'm faithful
BUt this might be the year of interracial facials
I try to grope a graceful
angel with a halo
twist her at an angle
Tangled dangled and wrangled
in ropes and cables
I love getting choked hard and strangled
with a postcard
From Anglos
Saxons and Normans
foraging and gorging on organs she' gorgeous
skin made of porcelain
It like we are Adam and eve in the garden of Eden for the evening
Don't worry about my mental stability, I am off the deep end
For a time my heart was cold like attic regions
I was frozen, now I'm open, I had to wait a season
I look at you while you while sleeping and think about how I can't get
you out of my head even when I'm dreaming
Weeping willows pillow talk and walks in open spaces
What we have is so sacred
An anecdotal mosaic
Our connection is electric photovoltaic
We throw the mold brake it
No need for gold brackets
We walk totally naked
Some think only the lonely will make it
But life's about companionship
Partnerships and relationships
Take it from a man who's heart was colder than harder than an arctic
Now I lay with this lovely lady almost losing consciousness
But before I doze off into rem
I promise honest complements
Without you I'd be lost searching all seven continents